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About TOKYO23

TOKYO23 is a new kind of NFT driven real world experience. It is a blank slate that grows with your journey - a journey that will take you to hidden corners of one of the world's most sprawling and vibrant cities. TOKYO23 is a soulbound token that cannot be traded - and is limited to a single token per address. As you travel to goal locations around Tokyo, the on chain image will evolve to display a record of your travels - a permanent digital memento that will evoke memories of your experience for years to come.

How to explore Tokyo



Connect your wallet and press the 'Mint TOKYO23 NFT' button.



Get out there and explore Tokyo! You can press the sign button at any time to see how close you are to a secret location

NEXT LOCATION -> Shibuya 2.72km


When you succesfully find a location, you'll unlock the badge for that ward!

BADGE GET: Shibuya



Whenever you're ready, you can apply all the badges you have collected to your TOKYO23 NFT by pressing the 'update NFT' button,

Update NFT


How do I start?

  • The first step on your journey is minting your TOKYO23 NFT, which is your personal record of your travels. When you hold a TOKYO23 NFT, you can use the web app to submit your coordinates and receive feedback about how close you are to a goal. When you have reached a goal, it is added to your unlocks.

What locations will I travel to?

  • The 23 goal locations include a mix of well known and hidden spots in Tokyo. You will travel outside typical sightseeing areas and get a taste of the more quiet side of the city - but you will also see plenty of impressive sights along the way.

How do I know where to go?

  • Signing your current location within the web app will return the distance to your nearest undiscovered loccation. In addition, the app displays some hints about what to look for at each location.

Does checking my location cost gas?

  • No! You will only have to pay gas fees when applying your collected unlocks to your token.

I unlocked a location, but it doesn't appear on my NFT!

  • To apply your unlocks to your NFT, submit an upgrade transaction by clicking the "Update NFT" button on the interface. Your cumulative unlocks will all be applied when you submit a transaction, so you can wait until you have unlocked multiple locations if you wish to save on the cost of gas.

I reached a goal but don't see anything interesting!

  • Some locations are quieter and more subdued in their appeal - we hope you enjoy the many faces of Tokyo both simple and bold.

The web app won't let me submit a location!

  • HTML5 geolocation is required to submit locations from within the web app - make sure you approve any requests for location permissions. Note that this means that some in app browsers such as the Coinbase wallet browser will not be able to submit locations. In addition, inaccurate location readings may be rejected. If you are using a mobile device with GPS enabled and still experience problems, reach out to @TOKYO23_NFT for help.

What wallets work best for interacting with TOKYO23?

  • As of the time of writing, injected browser wallets such as the brave wallet work best, followed by the metamask app connected through wallet connect. However, as the wallet ecosystem is evolving rapidly this is subject to change. We will continue updating the app to strive for the smoothest experience and are also interested in pushing mobile usability for the space forward more generally - stay tuned for updates!

How decentralized is TOKYO23? How does it work?

  • The TOKYO23 token metadata is constructed entirely from smart contract code on ethereum - there are no assets stored on external hosts, IPFS, or any non-blockchain source. Your image will always be accessible as long as the ethereum network is active.
  • A centralized service is used to verify submitted locations against goal locations and provide signed proofs of progress. This service is operated by the TOKYO23 team in order to provide a pleasant user experience.

How is TOKYO23 different to other NFT collections?

  • TOKYO23 is a soulbound token, and is not tradeable! There is no secondary market - the token that you mint is yours and yours alone.
  • TOKYO23 is limited to 1 token per address. The single token acts as a personal record of your accomplishments.
  • TOKYO23 has evolving metadata constructed completely on chain.
  • TOKYO23 is not a financial investment or community pass - it is a gateway to a personal experience, and an everlasting digital memento.

What do I get for finding all locations?

  • Finding all locations will take you on an exciting journey across Tokyo that will reward you with lasting memories and a digital record to match.
  • If you have succssfully found all of the goal locations, please consider dropping by the discord to help out fellow travellers! The TOKYO23 community can benefit from your experience.
  • Active participants may be given special access to upcoming projects.

Who built TOKYO23?

  • TOKYO23 is the first public project by mini labo, an experimental blockchain studio working at the intersection of technology and creativity.